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Tsang Fan Kwong

      My painting comes from what I have experienced, what I have seen, what I have felt, and what I brood on. It can be natural or artificial beauty or ugliness. Life is not without pain and torture, yet I think we should be optimistic and positive, without any reason. Out of turbulence, we have peace of mind. Out of war and bloodiness, we have prosperity. Out of torture and pain, we grow strong. Out of illness, we cherish life, relationship, and love. After earthquakes and tsunamis, the land heals itself. It is just a spiral game. That’s the message output onto the canvas from my unconscious world.

Beautiful New World 20150407
Beautiful New World 20151104
Beautiful New World 20161001
Beautiful New World 20161225
Beautiful New World 20170105
Beautiful New World 20170111
Beautiful New World 20170504B
Beautiful New World 20170701

Contact Information

Address:  Wellness Atelier, 506 Wah Luen Industrial Centre, 14-21,

                Wong Chuk Yeung Street,Fotan, Shatin, Hong Kong



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