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Wong Yuk Ling

      Wong Yuk Ling originally studied at University of Hong Kong for a physics degree but found herself inspired by the works of Anselm Kiefer to create art. At the same time, she has devoted in physics education for more than 25 years.


      During 90’s, her painting style was close to abstract expressionism, then shifted to surrealism after 2006. Due to the interest on medium penetration, she started to work with silk. From 2011, she shifted her medium completely to fabric related stuffs and mixed materials. Her recent works can be classified as two main categories: 2D clothes collage  and 3D silk sculpture. She loves to put her thoughts, emotions and feeling into the collage she embroider with pieces of fabric. The texture, composition, color, tone and stitches, accompanied with the echo and flow of the fabric, are all expressions of her as a human.


      Her works have been shown frequently in venues both locally and overseas like mainland China, Taiwan and Korea.

Silk Sculpture V
Violence of the Winter
Two bodies
Black and White Wedding Dress
Weaving Steel and stretching Stitche
Weaving Steel •Sculpturing Silk

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