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      Members of the Group has made every endeavor to study works of the great masters to enrich intellectual thinking and bring experiences for sharing with other artists. The Group has organized numerous overseas excursions to countries and cities like USA, Germany, Italy, England and Taiwan. In every place visited, the members never missed the opportunity to open their eyes by patronizing museums, art galleries and major art fairs. They also took part in the art and cultural events held in various places over the past years.

1)1994 Art study tour to France , visiting the museums and galleries there and the FIAC show.

2)1996 Art excursion to New York and Washington , visiting the modern and contemporary art museums and galleries.

3)1997 Art study tour to Venice Biennale and Documenta in Kassal

4)2007 Art excursion to Venice Biennale and Documenta in Kassal.

5)2008 Art excursion to Guangdong Biennale.

6)2016 Artmatch Group participated in Taiwan “Yunlin Art Together”, which was organized by the local Yulin artists and attended the experience sharing programme.

7)2017 Artmatch Group 22nd Annual exhibition, with participation from overseas artists in the exhibition and exchange programme.

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