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Yeung Ching Yee,


      Eileen Yeung has acquired the BFA in York University, Canada and Master of Fine Arts in Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. Since 1996, Miss Yeung is teaching Art History, Design History, Principle of Art and Design in various Post-Secondary Institutes. Meanwhile, Miss
Yeung is enthusiastic in creating and promoting art in Hong Kong. The aim of her art is to explore the mental state and ways of living of modern man. Through the annual Artmatch Exhibitions, she is exhibiting her paintings and installation works of art continuously, and some of her art works have been exhibited in Serbia, Peking, Korea, Taiwan and Macau.

Happy Together
Global Communication
The Standard of Beauty (Prototype3)
Afternoon Tea
When My Body Beholds My Future
Infant Incarnation --- Beyond the Cl
Infant Incarnation: At the Lotus Pon
Re-generating Landscape
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