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Luk Ho Sun,


     Spencer Luk, a renowned interior designer who has his own interior decoration company for more than thirty year, became a professional artist mastering Western painting since the year of 2004.

     Luk began to study Western painting when he was very young.  He completed the certificate course in the Basics of Western-style Painting from the Hong Kong University in 1987 and has learned oil painting from Master Wu Po-Wan (伍步雲).  He immigrated to Canada in 1988 and studied in the Ontario College of Art and Design while working there. He came back to work in Hong Kong in 1998 and studied painting under Master Gaylord Chan (陳餘生).  He completed the master-degree courses for Fine Arts jointly organized by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) of Australia and Hong Kong Art School.

     Years of experiences from interior designing and learning from technical skills have great influences on Luk’s creativeness in arts.  He is not to be considered as a vanguard artist, or as an artist of any idealistic school. He maintains that an artist should combine science,   philosophy and arts into one should critique oneself very often, to review his impact to the culture, to think from reasoning and feeling. Idea about art is reflected in his teaching.


Representation and abstraction - 1
Representation and abstraction - 2
Representation and abstraction - 3
Representation and abstraction - 4
Representation and abstraction - 5
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