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Clouds in Sky

Artmatch Group 26th Annual  Exhibition 2021

Art Gallery


      The 26th Anniversary Exhibition of the Artmatch Group:

Date: 6th October to 11th October, 2001
Time :  6/10/2021 ( 5:00pm-9:00pm )

            7-10/10/2021 ( 10:00am-9:00pm ) 

            11/10/2021 ( 10:00am-5:00pm )
Address: Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre,
              7A, Kennedy Road, Mid-Level, Hong Kong


    For nearly two years, most of us are confined to individual spaces with very few human interactions, except through digital media. Yet each member of the Artmatch Group is vigorously making art unimpeded by the pandemic. Last year, we held a Duet Exhibition running from 8th November to 27th December 2020, totaling 50 days and splitting equally between an online and on-site exhibition to echo with the 25 years of the group’s formation. This year’s title, Sea・Land・Air, is associated with the transport mode we used to travel to different places, but like it or not, the pandemic propels our mind to take an artistic turn to travel through space and time. The Artmatch Group is glad to show the works of 13 artists on how they reimagine their little universe in this difficult time.

Member Works
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